Quantrust. A broader perspective.


The world is changing at a rapid pace. News and data are coming from all angles all the time. Many seem to think that more data and artificial intelligence lead to better investment decisions.

We have a different view. We take a step back from all the news and hype. And take a broader perspective on events. Our investment approach is a holistic approach. We take a step back from the individual news events so that we can see the interconnections between the events. We don’t listen to what politicians and bankers say, but aim to understand what is in their interest to do based on the political and historical context from which they take decisions. We focus on the key asset allocation decisions that determine over 90% of returns. Something we have been doing successfully for Dutch institutions since 1993.

As a family business we aim for a green impact besides a financial impact. That is why we reserve at least 1% of our company revenues for reforestation projects around the world. And aim to be a the forefront of green macro investing with impact.