quantrust. a broader perspective.

News and data are coming from all angles all the time. But more is not always better when it comes to investing. The problem of our times is that we are overstimulated causing stress, which leads to bad judgements. We believe the best investors will be those who ignore the hype and take a broader perspective. Only by taking a step back can we see how everything is connected.

Our investment approach is holistic in nature. We focus on the big picture. On the essential investment decisions. We were one of the first to specialise on the asset allocation, the key decision for investment returns. And have been successfully managing institutional money since 1993.

Our broader perspective also allows us to take a step back from finance. We believe now is the time to change to a world that works with nature, not against it. We have made it our mission to have as positive an environmental impact as possible. Not only by offering conscious investment solutions with which our clients can impact their money. But also by impacting our money by planting trees for at least 1% of our revenues. And by actively participating in global discussions to find big picture solutions to the world's environmental challenges and protect the remaining wildernesses.

By channeling money and ideas we can have a direct impact and realise sustainable change. Now is the time to act.