Quantrust. A broader perspective.


Quantrust is an independent family-owned investment manager based in Amsterdam. Our investment approach was developed following years of experience in the institutional investment management industry. The aim was for a strategy that can offer attractive investment returns in any market environment. As a sign of its commitment, the family invests a significant part of their wealth in Quantrust's products.

Quantrust focuses on the "big picture" asset allocation decisions that tend to determine around 90% of investment returns. Quantrust believes this can best be done by taking a broader perspective. As information has become a commodity, succesful investing now requires being able to deduce the big picture from, huge amounts of information most of which can be considered noise". By looking beyond the numbers at the people who take the big decisions in the world. And by gaining an understanding of their interests by studying their political, cultural and historical backgrounds. But Quantrust only invests in those strategies for which its quantitative models show that the upside potential is much greater than the downside risk.

Beyond investing, Quantrust actively aims to neutralise any harmful footprint from its investments and cooperates with and supports organisations in the fields of nature  conservation and green cities.





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