Quantrust is an independent investment manager based in Amsterdam and founded in 1993. We are passionate about our big picture investment approach that has generated strong long term investment returns to our institutional clients for over 25 years. As a sign of our commitment, we invest in our fund alongside that of our clients.

In a world of short-termism, being a family business has the advantage of being able to take a longer term view. That may mean sacrificing outperformance in strong markets, to avoid losses when the market turns sour.

Big picture.

Our investment approach was developed following years of experience in the institutional investment management industry to offer attractive investment returns irrespective of the market environment.

Information has become a commodity: successful investing is no longer about finding the right information, but about being able to deduce the big picture from an overkill of information. By taking a broader perspective we are often able to identify the key "big picture" investment themes - usually at the asset allocation level - that drive global capital flows and in the end determine around 90% of investment returns.

By focusing on long term valuation levels, by gaining an understanding of how global capital flows are interconnected, and by looking beyond the numbers at the people who take the big decisions in the world and what drives them, we are often able to intuitively gain an understanding of the direction of markets without taking excessive risks.


We believe that our investments should have more than just a financial impact. We care deeply about protecting nature and the environment. In a world with plenty of "green washing" we continuously seek new ways to invest whilst having a real green impact. Whilst we believe that in the long run, companies with sustainable business models that seek to protect the environment may be more profitable than companies that do not, in the short run this is not always the case. And so we look to ways to hedge out market risks so that capital can remain committed to green investments irrespective of the investment cycle.

We offer ESG-neutralisation overlays to institutions and our Green Macro Fund aims to be market leader in implementing green strategies in a multi asset framework and currently invests mainly in green strategies such as sustainable energy, sustainable mobility, emission rights and green bonds, whilst managing the market risk with a macro overlay.

Furthermore, we reserve a % of our annual profit for reforestation projects around the globe and are in the process to help fund a tree foundation


We continuously looks for ways to ensure alignment of interest with our clients. In our 25 year history we have never had hidden or double fee layers. We operate with complete transparency of our positions exposures.

In 2012, we became one of the first fund managers to include claw-back mechanisms in our performance fee, which means that we give back part of our performance fees to our clients when performance turns sour. It only seems fair.