Quantrust Capital Management BV is authorised and regulated as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) according to the Alternative Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”). Quantrust is authorised to manage collective investment undertakings that are subject to the AIFMD in various strategies. Quantrust would be particularly interested to add funds in the ESG space.

Quantrust Fund Management’s institutional infrastructure covers all Portfolio and Risk Management functions, the key elements of AIFMD.

For investment management purposes Quantrust can manage investments in accordance with the AIFMD and provide the necessary reporting and service providers such as the Fund Administrator, Prime Broker/Custodian and Depositary.

Risk management activities are carried out in line with AIFMD requirements. Investors in our funds benefit from multi-layer risk management. First layer is the ex-ante, forward looking risk management deployed by the portfolio manager. Secondly, at Quantrust, we have a dedicated Risk Manager who monitors the risks in each investment portfolio.

We believe that over time the AIF will become just as strong a brand name as UCITS.

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