Managed accounts & advisory.

Quantrust offers fiduciary management mainly to large institutions such as pension funds and insurance companies.

This service is offered as a managed account with delegated trading authority to Quantrust, or as advisory (for large institutions only) in which Quantrust sets asset allocation policy in an investment committee. Quantrust's investment approach can be tailored to meet any risk budget or ESG-policy.

Quantrust's strong track record is provided on request.

Quantrust Macro Fund.

Quantrust Macro Fund is a multi-asset fund with a relatively concentrated macro approach that aims to generate superior investment returns through the cycle by investing globally on the long as well as the short side in different equity market indices, bond market indices, currencies and commodity indices as well as in selective macro indices such as volatility.

The fund excludes exposure to ESG-controversial companies especially those that harm the environment.

  • Liquid multi-asset fund.
  • Concentrated global thematic dynamic asset allocation strategy.
  • Long strategies and short strategies.
  • ESG-neutralisation based on Quantrust's own ESG-exclusion list.
  • Aims for positive returns in excess of inflation (Eurozone HCPI).