AIFMD and MIFID compliant.

Quantrust Asset Management is regulated as a MIFID asset manager by the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) and as an AIFMD fund manager through its subsidiary Quantrust Fund Management.

Quantrust is a member of Kifid which will handle client complaints.

Compliance and risk.

Quantrust Capital Management BV is authorised and regulated as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) according to the Alternative Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”). Quantrust is authorised to manage collective investment undertakings that are subject to the AIFMD in various strategies.

Quantrust Fund Management’s institutional infrastructure allows for seamless Portfolio and Risk Management functions. These are the two key responsibilities under AIFMD.

Risk management activities are carried out in line with AIFMD requirements, and front office activities link with our risk systems in order to provide seamless oversight in order to stay compliant. Investors in our funds benefit from multi-layer risk management. First layer is the ex-ante, forward looking risk management deployed by the portfolio manager. Secondly, at Quantrust, we have a Risk Manager who monitors the risks in each investment portfolio.



To ensure regulatory compliance at all times Quantrust has outsourced its compliance function to a compliance and risk management specialist: Charco & Dique.


AIFMD Depositary funds

The AIFMD depositary for Quantrust's in-house AIFMD funds is Kas Trust & Depositary Services in Amsterdam.

Fund accountant

The fund accountant for Quantrust's in-house AIFMD funds is Deloitte.

Corporate Accountant

Quantrust's corporate accountant is Wolfsbergen van Haarlem in Rotterdam.