sustainable return. sustainable impact.

In the very long run, companies with sustainable business models that seek to protect the environment may be more profitable than companies that do not.

But in the mean time, markets follow an investment cycle. They go up, and they go down. Your starting point has a huge impact on your return. If you start to invest in green equities when the equity market is about to enter a bear market, it may take a long time before you make a positive return. Likewise, if you invest in green bonds just as interest rates are about to rise, it may take time before you see any positive return for your green efforts.

We introduce green macro investing as way to invest green whilst being protected from market risks:

  1. Your money is invested in green investments so that your money has a sustainable impact on the environment.

  2. To ensure you also realise a sustainable return we focus mostly on green strategies that are appropriate at the current stage of the investment cycle. And offer protection against market risks such as equity market risk, interest rate risk, currency risk and credit risk.