Through the years we have built an extensive investment process in which we monitor global market and economic developments in a clear and consistent way across countries and asset classes. This process forms the basis of our educational meetings which are used to provide investors with a broader perspective of global developments.


Institutional INVESTOR education

In 1992, we starting organising asset allocation consultation groups for pension fund directors and board members as a way to offer them countervailing power towards their asset managers and show the big picture. These sessions are held on a quarterly basis on a rotational basis at the offices of leading Dutch pension funds.

  • For board members and directors of Dutch pension funds and insurance companies
  • The aim is that our clients gain countervailing power towards their fiduciary and asset managers regarding asset allocation decisions
  • We present and evaluate the different prevailing economic and market views, after which the investment implications are discussed and the participants take asset allocation decisions in a fictive model portfolio

Besides being a way for clients to gain understanding of developments, they are also used as a way to discuss and compare broader pension fund developments with peers.