Family business.

Quantrust was founded in 1993 by Henk Klein Haneveld and has been managed and owned by family members since then. This has allowed us to take a broader, long term perspective on markets and the financial services industry and to invest alongside our clients. It has also allowed us to always innovate.

Willem Klein Haneveld joined quantrust in 2005. For years he was successful at managing hedge funds and the asset allocation of institutional clients, but he increasingly lacked a sense of purpose. His youth in the green hills of Surrey had given him an intuitive connection to nature which had inspired him to pursue avenues besides investing: he founded electric in 2011. And did volunteer work on reforestation projects. When the family business was passed on to him he came to realise that he could pursue his passion for nature and sustainability from within Quantrust.

green impact.

In 2014 we became the first to offer ESG-overlays to pension funds in the Netherlands. But we wanted a more direct environmental impact. And so in 2018 we launched, the world's first green macro fund. We also became a member of 1% for the planet. This allowed us to impact our corporate revenues: we now pledge 1% of our corporate revenues to tree planting projects. And we wanted to impact our minds and contribute directly to finding big picture solutions for the world's environmental problems. Solutions that work with nature, instead of against it. As members of 1%, Natural Capital Coalition and the Impact Hub we now actively engage with others passionate minds globally to make a difference.

Our mission.

To generate sustainable returns for our clients whilst having as positive an environmental impact as possible

  1. by impacting our clients’ money

  2. by impacting our own money

  3. and by impacting our minds.

We believe that the weight of money and ideas can be a catalyst for sustainable change and a healthy planet.

our values.

Sustainable. As a family business we are in it for the long run. We look for sustainable solutions. And sustainable returns that prove resilient through the investment cycle by preserving capital when markets turn sour. Often this means being counter-cyclical, going against the grain and against conventional wisdom.

Innovative. We have always been at the forefront of new developments. Our success often lies in developing new ways to do things. Not bound by convention.

Conscious. Whatever happens we look to remain conscious. Conscious of our clients needs. Conscious of our own biases. And conscious of the impact of our investments on our planet. Sometimes we need to accept we are wrong and be humble about it. By not disregarding those who have a different perspective, but learning from them. Often we need to create space. And take a step back from markets. So we can remain conscious.