Green Macro Fund.

Green Macro Fund aims to generate superior investment returns through the investment cycle in excess of inflation by investing globally in different asset classes whilst investing as green as possible. The core part of the portfolio consists of green bonds, green equities and commodities. To protect the portfolio from market risks - such as interest rate risk, equity market risk, currency risk and credit spread risk - the fund runs a macro overlay and tail risk hedges. Whenever it makes financial sense we manage the market risk by shorting polluting sectors such as oil companies. 

The fund may invest in different equity markets, bond markets, currencies and commodities as well as in selective macro indices such as volatility. Our macro investment approach - driven by the global investment cycle - determines which asset classes the fund has exposure to.

The fund invests mainly through index products such as ETFs, index futures or index options. Whenever the use of index funds leads to unwanted exposure to controversial companies from an ESG perspective the fund neutralises these through an ESG-hedge.

Green investing is in its infancy. Standards of what is green or not are still developing. 100% green investing is hard to achieve. Our aim is to invest as green as possible without sacrificing return. Furthermore we aim to be at the forefront of new developments. Whenever new green investment strategies develop and we see value we aim to be the first to incorporate them into the fund's strategies.

  • Liquid multi-asset fund.
  • Aims for positive returns in excess of inflation (Eurozone HCPI).
  • "Good green" long strategies; "Bad green" short strategies.
  • Global thematic macro overlay to manage market risks and offer tail risk protection.
  • ESG-overlay to hedge out unwanted controversial exposures.

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