Alignment of interest.

The family always invest their own money in Quantrust's products alongside clients. The best way to ensure alignment of interest.

Quantrust continuously looks for other ways to ensure alignment of interest with its clients. In 2012, Quantrust was one of the first fund managers to include claw-back mechanisms in the calculation of the performance fees of its funds. This means that, in the interest of its clients, Quantrust give back part of its performance fees if performance turns sour (see prospectus for details).


Quantrust has always operated with complete transparency. This means full transparency of all positions and look-through exposures.

And no hidden or double fee layers.

Neutralisation of environmental footprint.

Quantrust cares deeply about developing sustainable business models and protecting the environment, especially the world's forests.

To this effect Quantrust neutralises unwanted exposure to companies which do not meet Quantrust's sustainability criteria through an ESG-hedge. Quantrust’s exclusion policy currently includes all companies on Achmea’s ESG exclusion list and all companies that score less than 2 stars in the Forest 500. Quantrust intends to expand this policy in the future.

1% of Quantrust’s annual profits are reserved for select forest conservation projects around the globe.

Quantrust is also implementing a paperless office. Documents are only permitted to printed if required for regulatory purposes or external presentations.